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Need some help about whether this guy is into to me 3 months in?

Been seeing a guy for 3 months. We haven’t officially had an exclusive talk but he did tell me a few weeks ago he isn’t dating anyone. He’s been away a lot, almost every weekend during summer and he’ll text me a bit when he first arrives but then we usually don’t talk until he’s back, he’s off having fun with his friends etc. He was recently away for 3 days, texted me the first day he arrived then I didn’t hear from him until the 3rd day when he was heading home. We texted all day, I said we should do something this week he said lets do something for sure but then I didn’t hear from him at all the next day. I didn’t text him either but I was thinking we barely talked that week already since he was away, would have been nice to hear form him.. He did tell me last time we hung out that we would like me to initiate texting and making plans more, he said he always feels like he’s the one doing it and I said that I would. I intend to text him later today and see if he wants to hang but im honestly starting to feel like he's not that into me.. it’s been 3 months and I know people are busy during summer but I definitely se less of him now.. plus it’s hard to keep a connection with someone when their away so much and you guys random days without speaking.. thoughts?
Need some help about whether this guy is into to me 3 months in?
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