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Do verbally abusive lovers become physically abusive too?

There was a guy who wanted to date me and I turned him down and he started chasing after a girl who used to be a good friend of mine. When they first started hanging out - it seemed crazy good - but after a few months - the girl told me she thought the guy might be autistic cause the way he responded to situations was always identically similar and unvaried. Later he began to yell at her and tell her she was a whore and a gold digger and he would mock her for having family that did not love her and he would argue with her and drive like a violent serial killer whenever he got angry during a conversation while driving. He seemed like the perfect guy - he went to church every week - he donated money - he judged by personality and not looks - he had a lot of respect for his elders - he would do a lot of helpful things for disabled people - he would buy things for poor people - but he treated his girlfriend like trash.
Do verbally abusive lovers become physically abusive too?
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