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Does this count as ghosting?

went our with this guy 4 times. The last date was confusing to me and left me feeling like the guy only wanted sex, anyways, the stuff that happened on the date turned me off a bit. Then I didn’t text him after the date just because I didn’t really know what to say, I wanted to be able to gather my thoughts before saying that I would go out with him again or that I wasn’t interested in him. But he also didn’t text me after the date. I think it was about 3 days that neither of us texted each other. Then he texted me this morning and I read it but by that point I had decided that I was not interested in pursuing more with him. He texted me at like 8am today and I texted him back at 11pm today. He replied and said that I had ghosted him so he was upset.

So my question is, does what I did count as ghosting? I thought ghosting was just completely ignoring someone. But I replied to his text, it just took 15 hours 😬
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Does this count as ghosting?
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