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Are these red flags telling me to breakup with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now! I notice a couple of red flags over the last year or so that I don't know what do to with?

-he is ALWAYS checking his phone to see if his friends have sent him anything? But when I’m not with him I feel like he never checks his phone cause he doesn’t text me back for hours? Am I not a priority?

-he doesn’t want to get married? He always says that we will get married but only if I really want to? This needs to be a decision made by the both of us, not just me?

-he only calls me pretty or beautiful when I’m half naked? Yeah! Guys are gonna like it when your naked but aren’t boyfriends supposed to call you beautiful all the time whether your wearing makeup/clothes or not?

-Whenever he hangs out with his friends he never comes home because of the amount of alcohol that they drink when together! Seriously tho!! Whenever he is with his friends they drink! I don’t get it! Why can’t you just hangout without having a beer!

-Last thing! I don't know if he is a bad gift giver or what but whenever there is a celebration or holiday that gifts are involved, he buys me things that he wants or likes.! He doesn’t consider what I’m into or what I like when he buys things for me. For example, he freaking loves skateboarding! I personally do not like skateboarding and never have, but I support him because that’s what girlfriends do! Anyways, he always buys me gifts from his skateboarding shop! I seriously don’t know why he does this? He knows what I like, and defiantly knows that I’m not into skateboarding so he should kinda know what kind of gift I would want right? I try not to be a spoiled brat I accept the gifts and tell him thank you!

we get along great! He is my best friend but sometimes I think that I would rather just be his best friend because of these things he does and says. I just don’t think he treats me like a girlfriend that he genially loves and cares about? Please help!
Are these red flags telling me to breakup with my boyfriend?
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