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Can I get to know the girl my friend was ‘’dating’’?

*male friend using account to ask question*

Me and a friend met a girl through a mutual friend. During that time I had a girlfriend. My friend was interested in the girl so began talking to her. They started talking in June/July, they stopped talking in December after a pretty big fall out, so I guess they never made it past the talking stage. They did have sex once during that period though. 2 months later he got a girlfriend, he had been speaking to his now girlfriend for a long time, probably during the same time he was speaking to the girl. Yesterday me and the mutual friend went to someone’s birthday party, (bare in mind I’m now single) I saw the girl there and we got along, she’s pretty and funny and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in her. I messaged her when I got home. Since things ended badly with my friend and her do you think he’s going to care? I haven’t told him yet, when would be a good time to tell him? Is he likely to give me his blessing? The girl knows I’m interested in her, and has told the mutual friend that she feels uncomfortable with the idea. She also feels like she’s being passed around, do you think I should stop pursuing her?
Can I get to know the girl my friend was ‘’dating’’?
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