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Is she really just a sister to him?

My boyfriend’s cousin and her friend came to visit and my boyfriend hasn’t seen them in nearly a decade. The three of them grew up together almost like siblings. When I tagged along with them, I noticed how close he was with his cousin’s friend and was taking care of both of them so well.
He was even drinking alone with her during our small get together cause his cousin, my friends and I ended up passing out. He was alone in her room with her as well (door open) helping her pack and from my view, they looked so close. I told him how I was kind of jealous about how close he was with her and how much they looked like a couple at times and he told me how both his cousin and his cousin’s friend are just sisters to him and nothing else.
I don’t know if I’m just overreacting cause I watched too much movies with the whole “she’s just a sister to me” but it’s actually the girl he’s cheating with. But yeah that’s my dilemma
Is she really just a sister to him?
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