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What do you guys think about this situation/ advice thoughts?

So I have developed feelings for someone at work. We get along fine, my coworker friends tell me that we both seem to like each other and we've hung out a couple of times after work and before.

One day after work on the way to the car she randomly tells me that she has something to say. She says that she just got out of a 2 year relationship and isn't really looking for anything right now but she does think I am cute.

Anyways a few weeks pass an I decide to tell her that I have feelings for her not in hopes that she would get into a relationship with me but just let her know how I feel. She admits that she does have a crush on me but she says again she got out of a relationship. I tell her yes I know that but I just wanted to let her know. She tells me how she really enjoys hanging out with me and doesn't want to ruin what we have since I am from a christian background and she is from muslim. she knows that it will be hard for us to date on the long run and she doesn't want to get sad knowing that it won't really work out out and we should just be friends. I respect her enough to not keep pushing it so I say that If that is what you want sure we can see where it goes but we can just be friends.

Now after this day her vibe changed in messaging where she seems uninterested. short reply etc. but in person she flirts and nothings changed. I don't work there anymore LOL so i mean I forgot to mention this but I did tell her I can't date coworkers and she did agree. ( This was not done on purpose, I got let go due to series of unfortunate events)

Now I thought maybe since we don't work together the attraction, but feelings will die off but I still do like her and don't know if I should wait it out see where it goes, or just tell her at one point. My friends say I should just delete her off and just move on. An I have considered this, or even just tell her that we can't be friends for a while because it is hard for me to keep talking to her when I have feelings..
What do you guys think about this situation/ advice thoughts?
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