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What does this mean?

I met this girl in theater, we hung out once all together with a group after class. We really connected and we had some laughs. After theater class ended I found myself thinking about her. So 2 weeks later I ask her out on instagram. She said she's free on Thursday and there's also this event in the theatre on Friday which was more of a party then a date. I didn't know if she meant, did she want to hang out Thursday and Friday or only Friday. So i panicked and told her see you Friday. So i went to the theatre event, it was a big party really fun but didn't talk to the girl much and when I did the interaction was very awkward and boring. I got really anxious. She tried to spark a conversation a few times but I was in my head and my replies were really lame.
I didn't get to connect with her at all. So by the end of the night it got a bit on the drier side.
I wouldn't say anything bad happened but it wasn't good either. I feel like I messed it up and gave her a bad Impression. I text her on instagram the next day tried making few jokes but the conversation didn't really go anywhere. So I thought she wasn't interested in seeing me anymore. One week later she adds me on fb. And now I'm confused. What does this mean?
What does this mean?
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