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Moved In With Girlfriend.. Now She's Changed?

I've been with my girlfriend for about a year and a half. We just moved in. Everything was fine until I caught here looking through my cell. She denied it when I clearly saw her. I almost left her there. I got over it.. she apologized. Her excuse was.."She felt left out on my friends group text's" Red flag to me. I bought a grill for our deck. I typically eat vegan during the week. I told her I would eat meat on the weekends she got mad. I said.. who cares you can grill your own stuff.. we can grill meat on the weekends." She was still mad. "I bought it.. cut it out.. quit complaining." She said.. dont get me started. This morning i used about 3/4 of a sugar packet almost through it away. She yelled at me and said I was wasting. It turned into a big fiasco. I said.. it's a five cent sugar packet? $hit hit the fan. She left for the pool and I worked. She came back to go grocery shopping and I went with. I was paying and wanted to go to a certain store. She demanded a certain store. "THIS STORE IS CHEAPER ARE YOU CRAZY?" "I'm paying.. cut it out." She flipped and I started screaming at her. She turned around and I got out of her car. I got in my car and left. She text me to say sorry and I came back tonight. I tried talking to her.. but she kept looking at her phone. I brought up an old girl that used to like me but I can't stand. It's a running joke. "So I heard Sherrie is trying to get with Dan, haha." She asked me how I knew.. etc. Then out of the blue, "Why didn't you ever get with her?" "I don't like her... she's married.. two great kids.. don't want to get involved." "How do you know her kids are great?" Because I know her kids." "How do you know them?" I knew herfor years.. they get good grades and are well mannered." She made a weird face. "You think evey girl likes you..." "... what?" "You act like every girl likes you." "What are you talking about? " I know girls who don't" She was clearly being rude and I left her on the deck. Is she starting to control me?
Moved In With Girlfriend.. Now She's Changed?
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