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Why does she still hate me?

She’s my husband’s ex girlfriend. We had a rocky relationship before marriage and we were on and off. A lot of it was admittedly caused by me. They met and became friends when we were “off”. Supposedly he had a little crush on her and they were supposed to start dating but then we got back together. I met her once, I didn’t like her. She was nice and all but all I kept thinking was that she was the better match for him. She was pretty, not the kind who would ever cheat on him, very nice and she had something in common with him (the we’re both in the marines and I think the last part was what bothered me the most about her). My father and brothers are all military and told me to be wary of her because military girls are home wreckers. I told him to stop hanging around her and he didn’t, so I assumed he was cheating with her and I dumped him and started dating someone else, and then that guy cheated on me. We reconnected about three years ago and I realized that I still had feelings for him, but then heard that he was dating her. He was the love of my life. I wasn’t going to lose him to her, I wanted him back and all I had to do was tell him and he took me back. She did not take it well. Apparently he just ghosted her. She found out on Facebook and called him out and he said he was afraid of female marines’ tempers and backed away. Now I understand why. Three years later we are married and our first child is due next month. We were out celebrating our first wedding anniversary, she sees us, comes over and makes a scene by dumping his wine on his pants and calling him every swear word in the book, then unleashes it on me, calling me a cheating skank (I did cheat on him but I changed that), manstealing bitch and then tells him to get a paternity test when the baby is born because she’s “pretty sure it isn’t his”. I was in tears. She’s 35 and gorgeous so it’s not like she can’t find someone else. After three years why can’t she just get over it?
Why does she still hate me?
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