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Is it wrong for me to be pissed?

So to start off, I had an absolutely horrible day today. My boyfriend knows this. I was dead beat exhausted, working at a memory care facility where 2 guys with dementia tried physically harming me today. One tried punching me in the face multiple times and the other tried poking my eye out necause I intervened when he was trying to physically assault another woman. On top of that, I am trying to quit drinking. Therefore, I am pissed off at the world anyways because I am battling an addiction that I crave fiercely. Its 83 degrees in my apartment and when I got home, I just wanted to relax. Thats it. So I laid down and started to fall asleep. He already knew at this point that I had a horrible day and almost quit my job because of it. He asks me to get up and stir the seasoning into the noodles because apparently I do a better job at it from what he says. Im irritated from having to move to do such a small task. Then he's standing over me telling me what I should do to make it better. Im apparently visibly irritated and he tells me to just "go the fuck away". So I do. Later on I go to make myself a plate and there is nothing left. I hadn't eaten all day. More anger boils. I still dont say anything. I put in my headphones and listen to music. Then, the tip of the mountain moment, he comes into the room and tells me he is taking my car to go help his brother find keys that he lost in a trail, over an hour away!! I have bald tires, a quarter tank of gas and $40 to last me until I get paid on Friday. I told him that I didn't think it was necessary and before i could even get out an explaination he started saying shit like "So am i supposed to just cut my family out of my life now?" I walked out of the house and he left anyways despite the fact that I am broke and have bald tires. Knowing I have already had a horrible day. I am fucking fuming right now.
Is it wrong for me to be pissed?
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