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Awkward kiss, help?

alright so there's this guy I've been talking to... I've known him for a while now and we have some history (although nothing sexual) but we definitely care about eachother. We just started getting closer though. Anyways, when i was leaving, he went in for a kiss. And dumbass me thought it was a hug. It was fucking bad lol and then he just kissed me on the cheek.

And if that wasn't bad enough, later on after replaying what happened, i remembered that he said that he loves me and i guess i was just so nervous that i didn't even comprehend it then. And it was just all around awkward and embarrassing

I've been with guys before but it was always just casual. But I've never been w guy that actually cares about me and so i just freaked out and froze..

What should i do lmao
i thought abou texting him but then i was worried that i just made it all up in my mind and maybe over exaggerating it or maybe interpreted it wrong.. maybe he didn't even think anything of it so it would be weird if i said something to him

I don't know what to do i feel like a 12 yr old w a boy crush lmao
Awkward kiss, help?
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