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My boyfriend family looks down on me, he doesn't take up for me?

I've been dating this guy for 10 months I'm 21 he's 29 . im Puerto Rican/ black ( i know alittle Spanish not a lot ) and he's Columbian. i love my boyfriend he's a great man, he's not so much the problem. When im around his family they don't respect me or even say kind words to me, when im around they treat me like i don't exist. I tolerate it because he's close to his family and i don't wanna be the cause of family drama. Last night my boyfriend and i attend his sister and brother charity event. It was formal wear. That night i thought maybe i would try the approach kill them with kindness but didn't go so well. I told his sister she looked beautiful in her dress and she simply walked away from me. I asked his brother where a bathroom was and he told me to find it myself. I told my boyfriend all these things but he says its gonna take them time. After trying to be nice for hours i just sat at a table by myself and let him and his family do there own thing. From a distance i hear his sister talking about me in Spanish and she says" he could do better than that ugly thing" i broke out in tears after hearing her say that. i was gonna tell my boyfriend but i thought it was best i don't. went home with him that night i didn't really say much because he sees how his family treats me but says nothing. Only thing he said to his sister yesterday was play nice, nothing else
My boyfriend family looks down on me, he doesn't take up for me?
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