He says there's 'chemistry', yet he wants to just hang out?

We've been hanging out one-on-on for about a month and a half, so I asked him if he saw this going anywhere. (I like getting issues resolved quickly, and I didn't want to get attached to something that wasn't going to work out). His response was that he wants to chill without the pressure of a relationship, and let things develop naturally. He also said that there's 'chemistry', yet we hardly ever touch. What's going on?


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  • I think he likes you and what he probably meant by chemistry is that you two have a potential together or you two have something slightly special going on as of now. In the mean time he may just want you to go with the flow, see where things go. I know as girls we tend to fall to the 'i don't want to get attached with something that's not even going to last long' we don't like to get played that's why we look for the signs early down the track bcause we want something that's guaranteed as we don't like to b uncertain about things. However, I've learnt in the past the hard way that going out/dating/seeing other people should be just for fun, no drama no pressure.

    When the time is right and when he is ready he will definitely let you know and ask you out. Some men though are scared of saying 'the boyfriend and girlfriend talk' so they will assume you are together already! One and a half months are still early stage. Never give the boys the 'relationship talk' like where is this going..or are we like together.. It's okay for him to bring it up then you can talk about it but when you do it it's kinda like killing the chase for him or what's in store for him because you are ready to wanna be serious with him already and now that you have asked him about that, he might be feeling a little bit under pressure and he doesn't like that so what you could do is just play it cool and act like you never had that talk, try to be more fun as ever with him, show him what he is missing out and just be yourself and hopefully then he will realize maybe you are worth the shot of what could be a long lasting fulfilling relationship. Good luck!

    and for boys: words and actions = workable! if you really into a girl, don't rent her, own her for goodness sake don't make her feel stupid!


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  • he likes performing science experiments with you.


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