Should I be texting him first?

last night we went on a date and he texted me saying he got home okay and was going to sleep and then he said "talk to you tomorrow :) " so does this mean I text him or he text me?


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  • In my opinion, wait for him to text you. Girls fall in love on the date, guys fall in love after the date. They need some time to process their feelings. It's almost always better to wait for him to reach out. Your feelings about him don't change whether he calls you or you call him. But in my experience, guys feelings are affected by this, and they tend to fall harder for the girls that they reached out to.

    (**Disclaimer: Doesn't apply to shy guys. You will almost always have to chase them**)


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  • you should text him, say something simple like "Hey(:"

  • text him and tell him you have an awesome time

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