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Why don’t guys wanna date me?

I’m 21 and I’ve never actually properly dated anyone before. I mean I want to especially to experience what it’s like but I’m not tripping if I’m meant to
Be single forever I’m cool with that. Tbh I think I’d prefer a friends with benefits person that I can be friends with at the same time too. For me I have a hard time opening up to anyone cause I’ve never done that before not with anyone. So with a friends with benefits I won’t have to and I won’t get hurt if it doesn’t work out. When guys do find out I’ve never dated anyone they’re all shocked (look wise I’d say I look good and guys do tell me that) personality wise I’m super chill, laid back, fun person who’s loyal and will be there for u. No crazy shii with me. If you don’t fuck with me anymore for no reason you can go I won't chase you also. If I date you I also don’t care about ur money or anything because I have my own money and I’m working on that to get more so if I’m with you it’s because I actually like you for you
Why don’t guys wanna date me?
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