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What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was with the mother of my kids, and somehow we found a device that could tell us our future. So the machine basically told me that we weren’t going to be together forever, and I’m going to fall in love with someone else. The mother of my kids starts crying in the dream as I try to kiss her, and hold her. She pushes me away and leaves. Suddenly I sit on the ground and a female who is my friend sits on top of me, and she says what’s wrong. I say i break up with the mother of my kids, in the future. I thought we would be together always. She smiles, and we talk. Suddenly I sit up a little and kiss her. Soon as I kiss her my heart starts exploding with love. We start kissing more, and I sort of take her clothes off. I stare at her chest and one thing lead to the next. Today I woke up and me my baby momma got into a argument, and we just broke up ( wild right ). Out of nowhere this girl follows me on IG. What does this mean?
What does my dream mean?
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