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She gave her key back?

I have been dating an amazing woman for quite some time now (4 yrs) but things seemed to have turned sour... She has been saying that I do not listen as she has exams going on that stress her out. She says that I have not being listening to her over the small things and I tell her to try and relax as she is swamping herself with finding a different job as well as trying to get published as well as moving out of her parents' house. I too have been facing issues of my own health-wise And mentally which resulted for me becoming messy and even forgetting to shower. Things for me changed when I moved out to a bigger house about one week ago in order to start changing. I even told her to come and see the new place. It's worth mentioning that even in my depression and health issues I still strived my wày to help her going above and beyond to make her life comfy. But things turned sour today morning as a roach entered the room n sneaked up on her as we slept which woke her up in shock. I tried relaxing her but to no avail and later she told me that she would be giving back her key to my place and allow me to work on myself which devastated me and told her it hurt me so much that she would do that. She replied by saying that I was guilt tripping her but I believe it was so painful yet I am working on making myself better for my benefit and our future. Did I do wrong or should I just go with it I am so confused...
She gave her key back?
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