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Had an awkward run in with my boyfriend’s “ex” and?

So we’re in our mid 20s. They aren’t really ex’s. They were friends with benefits about two years ago. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months.

My boyfriend is pretty jealous and asked me to delete my ex boyfriends on social media. And in return he’d do the same. So he deleted her. She was still following him on Facebook. And then she ended up following me.

Anyway. We live in a small town. And I ended up running into her at a local job fair. She came up to me. And said “you’re ___ right?” I just nodded and tried to make an excuses of having to leave. And then she got very defensive and asked why I was being that way. I told her I just thought she was kinda.. creepy... since she had followed me on Facebook. (I didn’t know her before the relationship with my boyfriend, never talked to her. And she just followed me.(FYI, she followed me AFTER my boyfriend not only deleted but BLOCKED her on Facebook) she also Didn’t even friend request me And then she said it was a joint account (it’s not. She has two accounts;how do I know this? She followed me with her first account; her personal one and then made a second one; the joint one and tried sending my boyfriend a friend request with it, since he blocked her personal account) anyway. The joint one is with her fiancé.

Why would her fiancé follow me on Facebook with their joint FB account? Since she’s saying she didn’t know she followed me on FB since it’s a joint account.

What’s her point of lying about it?
Had an awkward run in with my boyfriend’s “ex” and?
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