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Is it too late to tell her how I feel ( lesbian advice )?

So this happened a while back. I am a girl by the way and there is this other girl who is a grade behind me. She would constantly stare at me. She is kind of tomboyish like she played basketball and enjoys softball football and swimming but is still kind of girly. Last year she would stare at me so much to the point where it’s like she wanted me to know because there’s no way she didn’t think I didn’t see her. She was really obvious with it. She tried to talk to me at the beginning of the year but that’s rlly it. She just communicated with me by hardcore staring lol. She also acted SO weird around me. Once I was walking down a hallway and she saw me and literally froze up , backed away and walked in the other direction. Also she would always seem to be in the bathroom when I was. She left the school and came back for homecoming and stared at me from across the basketball court in a kind of lustful way and clearly didn’t care if other people saw lol. Homecoming was months ago though and I recently found out she got a boyfriend but I don’t know if they’re still together. We went to a Christian school together where being gay was shunned so is it possible she felt something for me still? It’s been about a year and I saw her at my graduation and I’m about to go to college but I really wanna add her on Snapchat and maybe start something. Do you guys think it’s too late? She’s older than me by the way so college means nothing as far as age lol
Is it too late to tell her how I feel ( lesbian advice )?
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