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I got the guy, should I be worried about pictures his now ex still has up?

So, I started dating this guy who was in an open long distance relationship. I informed him that I would only see him as long as he only saw me in our area and state. I ended it with him because I couldn't take knowing she was out there. He left her to be in a monogamous relationship with me. Something she refused since day 1, but he had always wanted a one on one. We have been happily together now for three months, during these three months, we have seen each other EVERY single day. I have met all of his family and they have been so grateful he met me and left the other girl. I have been invited over for birthday parties (his parents), I have been to family bbqs, his mom and I get along amazing. I don't use nor like Facebook. I was there when he ended it with the other girl, he let me listen in, to prove it to me. I watched as she texted and begged to be his secondary. He said no. It was over in just a few minutes. Here is the thing though, I notice on FB that she still has the profile picture up of him and her from last year. Should it bug me? I see that his family is still friends with her, but they explained to me, that was just because they feel weird just all deleting her at once... even though they informed me that they can't stand her (every single family member told me they have prayed for him to meet a better girl, his grandfather even told him to hold onto me). Should it bug me that she still has her profile pic as the two of them? I have tried to ignore it.
I got the guy, should I be worried about pictures his now ex still has up?
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