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What do you think of those guys who have this idea of a relationship?

What do you think of those guys who have this idea of a relationship?
Not everyone in this life is fit to marry and marriage is not for everyone or even being in a relationship is not for everyone as well.
All relationships have their ups and downs but the way you handle those hard situations and try to make it work is the difference whether for you want to be in a relationship or not.

I heard guys in their mid 40´s who says "I dont like to be in a relationship much less in a serious one, because being in one is just drama and complications, I rather stay single and not date seriously". I mean these guys only are seeing the bad side of being in one, maybe they had bad past experiences and they close themselves that all relationships are the same and that is not true, all relationships are different.
One male friend told me exactly that one day. He is 46 already and he is single, he has no kids either.

One day I was telling him about a friend of mine who is married and have kids and she argues and discuss with her husband often and he said to me "That is why I dont want to be tied down or being in a relationship even if Im 46 already, too much drama and complications II dont have patience for that, I rather stay the way I am, free, single or date informal with no emotions attached"

Also by saying that does not that mean that it seems that if the guy runs into a problem and it is complicated while being in a relationship he is just going to give up that easy and not struggle to make it work without a fight?

Who says all relationships are perfect? Of course all relationhips have drama and complications that is part of it. If all of us will predict that I be entereing a free complicatated relationship, we are lying to ourselves and noone will date, and much less marry in the future if we knew it before hand, what kind of relationship I wil have in the future, noone really knows what kind of partner I will have in order to have a perfect relationship free of drama and complications,
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it is just the way you communicate and struggle to make it work in a mature responsible way that makes the difference.

Do these guys will ever marry or at least be ina relationship if they find the right partner or they will be the eternal bachelor after 40?

Do women have this same idea as guys in the same age group or women think differntly?
What do you think of those guys who have this idea of a relationship?
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