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Does she seem interested in me? Please read?

One week ago I decided to message this quiet girl I like from my college and am not sure if she likes me. She is from abroad and living there now. Basically we were talking about plans for the summer and she wants to go Milan which is where I go every summer as I have a place there and family, but she isn't sure yet as she hasn't got anyone to go with so I am not sure if she is hinting she wants to meet me. Please note I live in London.

Here's how the convo went:

Me: Are you going Italy again this summer?

Her: Yes Italy!! Sicily late August and looking at Tickets for Milan late July atm. I do not have anyone to travel to Milan with yet so we'll see haha

me: I advise against going alone. However, if you got friends, please, please visit Milan. Also, If you're ever in London contact me and we can have a coffee some time :)

Her: What are your plans for the summer? I might go to Sicily instead of Milan since I know people and the place so it would feel more safe and also just want to chill at the beach hehe. I will definitely let you know :)) Really want to go to London this fall at some point.

And that was the end of the convo.

What do you all think?
Does she seem interested in me? Please read?
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