3 mo

Is he not serious about me?

Good things
- we’ve been getting to know each other’s for 3+ months
-hes opened up to me emotionally
- he’s comfortable around me
- he’s told me he wants me in his life
- when talking about going back in time he said he would go back to when he met me
- he’s told me he likes me & has feelings for me
- He’s said I’d make the perfect girlfriend and wife
- he enjoys talking to me
- He’s scared to loose me
- when talking about needing plus one for events he said he would be my plus one
- gets jealous
- we’ve joked about having kids together and marriage
- we’ve gone through rough patches but have come out stronger
- were both very close friends
- he suggested he wanted to make love to me (we’ve already hooked up before)

bad things
- lately he keeps blowing hot & cold. We will be really good for a few days then the next few days he will act distant
- we’ve only met up once (were LD & he’s also been away abroad with work for 6 weeks)
- he talks about coming to see me again but never makes any concrete plans
Is he not serious about me?
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