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Was this guy trying to hide his feelings, or did he actually not like me?

Ways he showed me he likes me:
-My friend (who’s also friends with him) told me this guy has liked me for awhile.
-he told my best friend he likes me because I’m pretty and nice.
-he laughed at everything I said, and I would catch him staring at me all the time.
-my friend overheard him talking to his friends, and he said he was gonna ask me out once he got to know me better.
-he told someone me and him would be hanging out all summer.
-He asked if I wanted to go ice skating with him.
-He asked for my number, and I wrote it on his arm, he wrote it down on a piece of paper in his wallet, and told me he memorized it.
-he would touch me whenever he could.
-he would always immediately text me back.
-at someone’s party at a pool he would not stop staring at my boobs.
-he told me I was cute.

At first I thought I liked him. But then I realized I just liked the thought of a relationship, and not him. I still would love to be friends with him though. All my friends told me I needed to text him and let him know I didn’t like him the way he likes me, so I didn’t lead him on. So I did. I texted him and said I didn’t want to lead him on or hurt his feelings, but I didn’t see us being anything more than friends. He texted back and said he felt that way about me, and didn’t like me that way. It just doesn’t make sense to me. He did all the stuff above, and then denied liking me, even though he told my friends he liked me. Is he just covering up his feelings, or did he truly not like me
Was this guy trying to hide his feelings, or did he actually not like me?
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