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What does this libra man want?

We met in a class a month ago. I felt that he was attracted but he didn’t make a move until last week. I mentioned a place and he said we could go together then he asked for my number. Then asked if I want to grab a bite now I said sure let’s go.

I thought it would be just a quick bite like he said but he was asking what I like then started googling restaurants. When we crossed the street he starting holding my hand and carried my bag for me.

I offered to pay for myself he seems a bit offended. We kissed and made out at night. I thanked him for the date and he said he will text me to confirm the plans last weekend.

He didn’t reach out until the day we were supposed to meet, he apologized and said he’s been sick and he is still sick and don’t want to pass it to me. At that time I was busy and didn’t realize he texted and he sent me a second text 20 mins after and said he is sorry he didn’t get in touch until then as he thought he’s well enough to go but he wasn’t and ended the text with a kiss.

I was busy and didn’t read it until 2 hrs later. I told him I hope he get well soon. He replied thanks I will

When we saw each other in class again he approached me and talk.
He did look a bit sick when I saw him again. Then he said I have all day for you today. I just smile as I didn’t think he meant anything. During the class he kissed my hand, touched my cheek, grabbed me playfully.

After class I left and then he called me and asked me where I am. He said I told you I have time for you today. I said I didn’t know you were expecting me to wait? Then he asked where I am and He came to me and kissed me and asked me do I really have to go? I said yes. Then he held my hand and kissed me many times as he walked me to where I needed to go. At the end he asked you sure? You seem unsure that you want to leave me. I said I really want to stay but I can’t. Let’s work out a time when we both free? He goes ok next time.
What does this libra man want?
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