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Where did I go wrong here with this guy?

I don’t understand he lives at a hostel, he’s homeless and has addiction issues, he's out on jail too so he’s a 19 year old criminal drug addict I guess. I always buy him and his friends anything they want such as cigarettes, alcohol even sometimes food/candy, I make the effort to go and see him so he doesn’t have to waste money on the journey. i listen to him when he’s down and support him through his issues. he often gets told he’s punching way above his weight with me, it’s awkward.

I compliment him and openly display my interest and suddenly he is telling people he isn’t interested in me, he says because I hung out with the girl who he broke up with for me and she told everyone she was “using” me for alcohol.. he is only being nice to me when he thinks i’ll meet him and bring alcohol
Where did I go wrong here with this guy?
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