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Is this guy coming across as eager/possibly weird?

I will share the online chat below. He’s coming across as overly talkative 😳
him: I’m pretty sure I’ve matched with you before lol
How are you this evening!

me: You know I don’t think so😳

I swear I have 😂😂😂😂
I’ve lost a lot of weight since joining this and I don’t look the same at all 😁😁
How are you tonight?

Me: Well now I feel bad lol I’m good you?

Lol don’t feel bad, I wouldn’t have talked to me before either 😂😂😂
All is well, I’m at work so if it takes me a little bit to get back, that’s why
Got any plans for the day?

Me: That’s okay, I’m at work too. What do you do?

I am an extruder operator at a manufacturing plant called sonoco packaging
I make plastic sheet that gets turned into the clamshells for blueberries and strawberries, eggs, etc.
what about yourself?
Do you really play on ps4?
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Is this guy coming across as eager/possibly weird?
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