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Best advice on how to stop thinking about your ex?

So i broke it off with my ex about a month ago now, just realised we werent the greatest match. We were only togheter for like 2-3 months, but he was my first every serious relationship.

Im definitly ready to date other guys, and i have been on three dates already, but only one guy I heard from again, but our schedules didn't match up too well so we ended up not meeting up again. The latest date went really well and we agreed to meet up again, but I never heard from the guy again (I didn't reach out either, but i feel like if a guy is really interested he will reach out)

I wasn't thinking about him too much untill I got accepted to the Masters I wanted; the uni is not too far from where he is living atm ( i kinda associate the area with him because we dicusssed us visiting eachother if i got in etc). So he has been quite a lot on my mind lately (compared to the last two weeks where I was busy with work, and other things). Its not that I want him back or regret breaking it off, but i keep thinking about the good stuff and I makes me miss having that with someone

Im already done with work for the summer, so i have a lot of free time; im trying to occupy myself a lot by working out, cleaning the house, searching for a place to stay and a job, hanging out with friends (most which are working all summer themselfs).

Any advice on how to stop thinking about my ex so much? how did you get over your ex?
Best advice on how to stop thinking about your ex?
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