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Text dilemma. Is he testing me?

So I've been chatting to this guy for a few months now and been on 3 dates. Anyway, he hasn't messaged for 3 days. I don't want to jump to conclusions or act needy lol I have a bit of a needy mindset which I should stop! It doesn't help the fact that I like him. For me it takes time and analysis (again I need to stop over analysing!) I was the last to message him few days ago and the topic was on netflix and stranger things. I asked him why he doesn't watch it and he goes 'i feel like I see demagorgins in real life' . With that I replied ''yes true, I know what you mean! 🤣 My question is, is he testing me? I'm new to the whole dating thing fyi and I think he is too

Thanks in advance
Text dilemma. Is he testing me?
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