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How do I get my ex boyfriend if he says my actions was causing him to lose feelings?

Me and him been together for almost 4 years and of course like many relationships we've had our ups and downs, cried, laughed, fussed, made up and etc. He broke up with me 3 days ago and was saying how he's losing feelings. I asked hownand he said it's how I am and I'm not how I was when we first got together. I told him I've just been snappy and moody and emotional like I didn't want to talk to him because of my period these past weeks. For example, he made a joke like he always do and we laugh but this time I dont know why but I got defensive and just started fussing about it. I guess that was the breaking point. He didn't talk to me the first 2 days even after I tried speaking to him, but yesterday he came over to my house and stayed a few hours laughing and hanging out like normally. Even had slip ups and was calling me babe and still talking bout the future and stuff. I asked if we were back together and he never said anything when he got home. He only said I said I would change but never have. I said I can change bad qualities I have to make the relationship better but he said to show him I've changed while not being together. I asked if I he wanted me to come over Saturday and he said he wants me to so in my head im thinking he still wants to deal with me. I just want to show him that I can fix my attitude, not fuss and complain about stuff, and actually show him love and everything else that I haven't been doing. I just dont know if I should keep my distance and work on myself or still try to get him back with me and change whole we're together. I just really don't want things to end with us like this.
How do I get my ex boyfriend if he says my actions was causing him to lose feelings?
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