I’m dating my manager, What should I do in this situation?

I honestly dislike working the same shifts as him because we always seem to fight, and it’s usually him yelling at me. A couple nights ago, a guy friend employee asked me what I worked the following day, having a normal conversation as we were both doing our nightly duties. He was across the room and at some parts I didn’t hear what he was saying and to be fair I didn’t care that much. He ended up leaving first. My boyfriend ‘the manager’ called me into the office to question what I had said to my guy friend. I answered his questions and was 100% honest, because I have nothing to hide. Supposedly guy friend had said he loved me, I never hear this, and I would have never said it back. He (boyfriend) on the other hand told me that he was getting pissed off at me and told me to “go fuck myself” I quickly walked away and into the bathroom to stop myself from crying, came out and did the rest of my tasks. He let everyone go before me, and I had asked if there was anything else I needed to do. He asked if I was leaving and I said yes, going to clock out he blocked me in and wouldn’t let me leave. After telling him to move a couple times he did. I put my personal stuff in the office and went to grab it. Again he blocked me in and started yelling at me, saying that he would beat up my guy friend, and just “how would you feel if you were in my position”. It’s not like he was confessing his love for me, and he knows I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend was telling me if I left he would freak out, or do something bad. He has done this times before. I feel like our time together is coming to an end, but he is also my bosses son. I don’t want to make him look like the bad guy, but I don’t want to work the same shifts as him. We did talk about it, but I feel like I was just forced to listen to someone who has no respect for me, only until I say I’m leaving. I love my job, and my boyfriend but I’m sad to think it’s all coming to an end. Any advice?
I’m dating my manager, What should I do in this situation?
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