Questions for all you ladies out there regarding hanging with guys you're uninterested in?

To girls, if you know a guy has feelings/interested in you, would you still "hang out" with him every time he asks you to ( he is not that good of a friend to you and you talk occasionally). or would you jus make up excuses and not say yes to his invitations?


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  • Funny you ask...I just asked the same with the roles reversed. Well if I didn't like the guy or have any romantic thoughts or feelings about him I would definitely turn down ANY invites anywhere or spend time with him alone somewhere. Mostly because I wouldn't want to lead him on. He would be hoping to get a chance to change my mind and I don't want to be put into a situation where I have to be ugly with him and tell him to leave me alone. If for one second I thought I might be able to like him or be interested him but I needed to know him better I would hang out and see how it goes. I thought it went that way for people in general because it's wrong to lead someone on.


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  • Depends if I'm friends with the guy or not... since your saying not really then I guess it depends if I enjoy his company or not. But I wouldn't go out of my way to hang out (especially not every time) if I didn't like him.

    • wuld you make it known that you jus want to be friends?

  • I wouldn't hang out with him, primarily out of concern for him... especially if I had not one bit of romantic interest in him. Even if I make my intentions clear, it's only human nature to hope against hope and keep fingers crossed that someday things might change in his favor. That's counter-productive to moving on.

    • so you wouldn't because you think it'd b leadin him on and givin him false hope ?

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    • I may not want to go through the rigmarole of dating or having a relationship without having at least some feel for these issues.

    • ohh I see...thats very interestingg thanks for the answer!

  • Yeah, it just depends how well I know him. If he was a friend that I actually know, then I would

    • what bout if you kno he has ulterior motives and your not that good friends/dnt kno each other well?

  • If I like the guy as a friend I'll still hang out with him. Chances are also good I'll try to pass him off on one of my female friends.

    • even if you knew he liked you and he's askin you out for romantic reasons?

    • Yeah. I'd hang out with him still. If he asked me to go on a date with him that would be a different story. In which case the respose is "I'm loyal to my boyfriend, sorry."

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