When a girl is too busy to hang out, but leaves door open for another time?

Say I ask this girl to hang out, but she says too busy to but she says maybe other time or another day...is this a rejection?


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  • well kind of. it depends on how she said it. if she sounded enthusiastic about another time or included specifics like- "maybe this weekend" or " we could go somewhere like _____" then no- she definitely wants to chill. if she just said maybe another time, its probably something she doesn't really want to do.

    • what if she says mayber another time, over text so I don't know how you can sound enthusiastic, but because I was only visitin for a weekend she was busy (had real reasons) and I'm not sure when I'm comin home again? still bad?

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  • if she said I can't today have an essay but follow it up by saying I'm free Sunday that shows interest if she just says maybey another time time not that good of a sign. girls who like you will usually drop everything if it is possible to come see you.

    • well I gave her a choice of two days, which she was busy and I'm only home those days I said to her, how is she suppose to bring up another time to hangout if I'm not home and not suyre next id be home? is it still bad?

    • in that case you could try again in a week or so when you have more time but if she give you the same line... or something similar ...

    • true..ive known her for a while and she's always seems to be down or ask for other days to hangout, jus this time I wasn't sure because of how general it sounded