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How do I not beat myself up over this situation?

This guy and I have a mutual friend in common, and one day, he, our friend, and I hung out, and I was talking about all the crap I get at my job. So, he told me that he’d stop by to make my day better. The next day, he showed up at my job, and for about a week and a half, he came in almost every morning. I asked our friend whom we have in common about him, and my friend talked to him for me (I don’t know what was said though). Anyway, he asked me for my Snapchat and we started talking that way. We hung out one night, and we talked about our childhood, and had a lot of things in common. Then he asked if he could kiss me, and I could tell that he wanted to go further, but I told him that I had to leave. We hung out again the next day, and I gave him a b***j** (I regret it) and after that, he stopped texting/talking to me.

So I told our mutual friend what happened, and he (our friend) talked to him (I didn’t ask him to, and I don’t know what was said). Anyway, he asked me to go to lunch with him, and during our lunch, he was on his phone the entire time, then he made some lame excuse and left. I was so embarrassed. Out of the blue, he texted me one day asking how I was doing, and I told him that I wasn’t looking for a hookup, and he said that he doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but he wouldn’t mind getting to know me better. He never texted back after that and it’s been 2 months. I just feel really stupid about the situation, because I finally see the red flags.
How do I not beat myself up over this situation?
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