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Was it a date or we only went out as friends?

Tbh I really have no idea about dating since I’m KINDA bit inexperienced soooo yh.

So a week ago, I planned with 4 of my friends to see a movie together. But 2 of them couldn’t make it. So it was me and one of my guy friends. We didn’t cancel it cuz we really wanted to see the movie. Well we could’ve cuz we thought it’d be awkward since it’d look like we’re dating. And we also kinda linked with each other b4 but nothing really happened for some reason. Well we’re good friends rn.

Yesterday was the day we saw the movie. We had a great time together. We were talking and laughing, even at the cinema. We’ve got to know each other better. I thought it was gonna be awkward with him but it was acc fun spending time with him. Me and my ex were very awkward that we hardly talked to each other on our dates yet I felt very comfortable with my guy friend even tho there’s nothing between us and we don’t like each other that way. But I think we’d have a good chemistry. I don't know if I want to be romantically involved with him.

To u, the answer might be simple but not to me. So what do u think?
Was it a date or we only went out as friends?
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