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Does it sound like he got offended?

I texted the orthopedic doctor I work with that I have a disc bulge that’s moderate to severe and May see him with my ins. He replied ok, are you ok? I said the chiropractor just told me after looking at my mri. A bit worrisome and he replied which part the mri or that you went to a chiropractor? I said the mri results lol then later texted him I just got the joke good one lol (thought he was joking meaning chiros aren’t real docs) he didn't reply to that. Later I got a call missed call from our office which I found strange so I took a screenshot and sent it to him saying this is so strange that I got a call from our office then got another call it was just automated reminder for my appt. I texted him nvm it’s for my appt. he didn’t reply to me at all, I thought he was interested but since he didjnt reply I’m wondering if it’s because he’s upset that I went to a chiropractor and not him given his text. I feel low for texting him and not being replied to. If he were interested he’d say something right?
Does it sound like he got offended?
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