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How to ask a single Mom out on that first date?

So a little back story. Been chit chatting with a mom for two months, early on, we were going to get drinks, her kid got sick several days later. Waited for her kid to get better before I pressed. She then went silent for a minute. I sent her my number on bumble, ten days later, she responses, apologizing and giving me her number, every time we go a while without talking, she always apologizes. So after I got her number, she went a week without talking. She gets back, apologizes and says had been in and out of the ER with a back injury and she should have said something. We were talking for several days, then she went silent again. We had been connected on Bumble, so I noticed she we was out of town, but I didn't think where she went she wouldn't have any service... so ten more days go by, I send a final text saying basically sorry things didn't work out, I think you're a great woman, I hope it wasn't me and wish we had that date. She got back almost right away saying where she was had minimal service and saying "never assume" (me assuming that "this" was over). So Sunday, we were texting for two hours, yesterday again, I'm texting her and she's responding right away. I asked her if I could take her out this Monday for that glass of wine and seeing if we can get together... still waiting... I plan to follow up with her tomorrow, but her being a single mother, I'm sure she has a lot going on. Do I try to maybe include doing something with her AND her kid for a first date if that helps get her out?
How to ask a single Mom out on that first date?
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