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How to intrigue my boyfriend and regain a spark or fun?

Over 3 years our relationship has gotten a bit argumentative and stale at times, the attraction I think isn’t the same but we love each other deeply, do so much for one another, refuse to give up on the relationship, we are soulmates and have the best time but sometimes I want to feel like he is in awe or gets butterflies, a bit more spark like when u first date.

He is a bit more unbothered by this and doesn’t mind but I want to inject the fun and intrigue that we had at the start. In a sense I’ve made him think I’m not worthy and put myself down a lot and lacked confidence, which is unattractive.

Any advice on how I can turn this around and bring back the fun and his interest in the exciting way you’d be around someone new? or redeem myself after my unattractive behaviour?

He doesn’t have his own initiative in planning dates or being romantic and isn’t as complimentary as he was at the start but does take care of me, spend a lot on me. I’m worried he will get bored and seek excitement elsewhere (not sexual) and that made me realise we need to put in effort to keep the fun because you should never stop “dating” your man.

Thank you in advance!
How to intrigue my boyfriend and regain a spark or fun?
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