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Is my boyfriend saying I’m not special?

Once when I was slightly drunk, I asked my boyfriends sister in law if I could trust my boyfriend. Anyways, my boyfriend said that I shouldn’t do that and that he would never speak to them about our relationship, even telling them ‘I love her’ about me. I asked why and he said it’s just not in their tradition, they don’t talk about their significant others with each other, the most they would say is like yeah he/she is doing good. Anyways I asked my boyfriend why they don’t say it and what would they think if he simply said oh I love my girlfriend. And he said if he said I love her, they would think ‘has he not seen any other girl like her’. I asked my boyfriend what he meant and he said that he means any other girl treating him good like I am, and as a girlfriend should treat her man. I’m a little confused by this but he swears this is what he meant. He told me he was trying to say that love is normal so he doesn’t need to say it but rather show it. Does anyone else get this?
Is my boyfriend saying I’m not special?
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