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Is my girlfriend secretly back on drugs?

Let me start off by saying my girlfriend has a history or drug abuse and addiction. She use to hang around other self proclaimed “models” and get coked up all night and then some how I encouraged her to get clean and get a job and go to school. She was doing good for about a year. Now it seems like she wants to be a model/actor again. She spends hundreds of dollars on model agencies and casting agencies that never call her back, she’s even trying to be a singer (She’s 22 btw) she has no plans of keeping a 9-5 job because people hate 9-5’s and she wouldn’t be happy doing so, which I understand... but the property taxes on her car were due in May, It’s July now, Her insurance on her car is past due, she owes me money for rent and not to mention she bought the new Iphone and can’t even afford the bill. So i can only contact her off WiFi. Now I’m behind on rent and she’s back at her moms house getting herself together and basically telling me she will pay me back but never says when. She also had the nerve to ask me to support her music career when she’s honestly not good. i could drop a link right now. She really thinks she a celebrity or something in reality she’s just a server at red lobster. What should I do?
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Is my girlfriend secretly back on drugs?
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