What's with the "bro" code??

Okay so I know this isn't always the case but I'm talking about the guys that seem to feel like they need to choose between their S.O. and their friends. I am engaged and have been there for my fiance through some major stuff...I'm talking 100% loyalty. When he was at his low points his so called "brothers" were nowhere around but I was. I have never asked him to "choose" and he spends plenty of time with his boys. But we had a recent situation where one of his friends basically yelled at me for something that had nothing to do with him and my fiance didn't have my back. We had another conversation about his friends being more considerate when they come over during the week because they're loud and I have to work early.

He acted as though I was being unreasonable and how dare I talk about his "family" when I didn't even bad mouth them. In my opinion he and I are a team and he should always have my back. Sometimes I think he forgets how good he really has it. He has it all. So again why are guys so extreme sometimes and act like it's "us" vs."them"?


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  • chicks like you are a rarity, most EXPECT their guy to spend more time with her than with his hommies. and the fact of the matter is that girls can be quite manipulative at times and are far more moody. so if I did something messed up to one of my guy friends, he will forgive me in 10 minutes, it could take days or weeks for a girl to forgive you

  • It is an unwritten law lol it varies with people.

    • I don't think it should be like one has to be chosen over another but in certain circumstances your S.O. should be your priority. I mean come on...are his friends gonna f*** him at the end of the night? Doubtful. A balance is in order...that's all I'm saying.

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