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Ex bestfriends girlfriend getting ahold of me acting friendly?

Maybe I shouldn't question it and just let it pan out but Im really quite curious why my ex bestfriends girlfriend is all of the sudden reaching out to me. She hated me. In fact the first message she sent me said "I want you to know I hated you from the moment I heard your name". She then went on to apologize and said she didn't give me a fair chance. Her boyfriend was hands down my best friend. We did everything together. In fact, he even asked my approval and asked me what I thought of this girl before he continued dating her. Shortly after they got serious she made him cut me out of his life. Mind you, this guy and me were literally inseparable and it was nothing more than a friendship ever. He even told her that it was never "like that" and that we were never more than friends. I was in the hospital with my son who was admitted to the NICU and I got ahold of him, asking if he AND his girlfriend would come up to see me because I was having a really bad one and needed that company. Thats when he informed me that his girlfriend had "opened his eyes" and "made him see that I was never a true friend". It all came as a smack in the face. All of it. But here she is, 3 years later, apologizing to me? Talking about him and saying what problems she had with our friendship. But none of it actually makes sense. Its mostly along the lines of "Well he wouldn't say he hated you and that bothered me" or "I didn't like the fact that he confided in you so much", and lastly "I had a friend who I ended up cheating on my husband with and I didn't want you guys friendship to end like that and leave me with nothing". Dont get me wrong, since I have been talking to her, I actually really like her. We have a lot in common and she's kind of like me in a way. We have the same views and the same sense of humor and I am finding it really hard to hold it against her that she took my best friend from me. But Im jyst curious why she all the sudden is reaching out. Why wait 3 years? Opinions?
Ex bestfriends girlfriend getting ahold of me acting friendly?
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