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Is it to early to have the define the relationship talk?

Okay I don’t have a ton of experience in dating and the few I have had were both abusive relationships so I never have had to do this conversation before. I met a guy 3 months ago and we go out almost every weekend. He’s a really nice guy and when I spend time with him he’s easy to talk to and we usually lose track of time but he’s hard to read.

Im ruled by my emotions and he’s a lot more analytical. I tried doing this conversation before and he said he didn’t know he would get back to me when he knew more about his job situation. That was a month ago and he’s never said anything.

I've kind of reached this point now where I know I really really like him and I’m getting a little attached and would like to be exclusive and such but I don’t know at all if that’s what he’s looking for or he’s just wants to date casually and see other people and I feel like if that’s the case I would prefer to be friends and save myself the heartache. I would like to know now before I get to attached so I set up coffee date a day before my birthday party to talk about it so he wouldn’t have to feel pressured to go if we are on different wave lengths. But is 3 months to early to have this discussion? And if it’s not how should I go about it? I’m not good with confrontation or conversations like this face to face.
Is it to early to have the define the relationship talk?
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