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How do I deal with a drunken hookup with an old ex?

my and ex I broke up about 3.5 years ago. It was only a 6 month relationship but we didn’t keep in touch after the break up- we were friends before we dated though. We recently connected again in January and have hung out a Maybe 4 times. Other than our initial meetup in January where we grabbed a drink, all our other meets ups were activities (boxing class, gym class, etc). Last week we were suppose to play golf it was raining so we still decided to meet up for a drink. ended up drinking way too much and after the bar we went to his place to drink more- we mixed way too much. I got very drunk (he was drunk but I definitely was way more), and I crashed his place cause no way I could drive. We hooked up for a bit until I realized how drunk I was and went to his washroom running to puke for a minute. We didn’t have sex but we fooled around and after a puked I realized how drunk I actually was and we just we went to bed. We didn’t have sex. The next morning we both had work so it was kinda a rush since I was running late so we didn’t even really talk. Anyways a few hour laters he texts “good afternoon ” and I say “can it be 5 o’clock yet. Longest day ever! “. Then he says “at the movies call you later”. Then a few hours later he says “Just finished the movie I’m super tired, going to head home and pass out. I’ll talk with you tomorrow“. I say “ok night”. Next day on Thursday he texts saying “Hey crazy eve we had the other night”. And I say “no doubt. That whiskey was is deadly”. Thats the last we talked Thursday night. He knew I was away from Friday- Sunday as I had a wedding to go to out of town city. I don’t really know how to handle this situation. Do we just pretend it didn’t happen? . Is the friendship ruined? I don’t like him romantically but I don’t also want us to never see each other again because we have become friends again. I also don’t want it seem like I’m in love with him whatever so I need to be careful. I don’t know what to make of this. Thoughts?
How do I deal with a drunken hookup with an old ex?
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