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Asked to formal by the wrong person?

My school is having its formal in two month's time. It is the formal for the year level above me, so I won't be able to go unless someone in that year level invites me.

I have a class with a boy (1) in the year level above, and we get along really well. There have been rumours circulating that we're a couple - he hasn't reacted negatively to these. I kind of hoped he'd ask me to the formal. The only thing is that he doesn't use social media that much, to the extent that we only talk at school.

We've been on break for the last week, so i haven't seen him. In that time, another guy (2) from the year above, who is his friend as well (although I think they're in different friendship groups) got in early and invited me to the formal. i said I'd have to consider.

What should I do?

- say no to boy2 who asked me, and not go to the formal at all. I figure this way no one's feelings can get hurt, although I'd miss out on a fun night

- say no to boy2 who asked me, and see if boy1 in my class asks me. I feel like this might hurt boy2's feelings a bit, which I don't want to do, because he's kind of the shy type and it would've taken a lot of courage to ask. I'd have a far more enjoyable night though

- say yes to boy2, and stay with him for the event. Since this is the year above's formal, and I don't know many of boy2's friends, I worry that this could get awkward fast - we're friends, but I'm not interested in him

- say yes to boy2, but spend part of the night with boy1. Again though, I'd feel bad ditching boy2. And since they aren't exactly in the same friend groups, I'm not sure if this would work

to make matters worse, I'm not sure what boy2's expectations are - whether we'd be going as friends or something more. he's just not my type :// What do you guys think?
Asked to formal by the wrong person?
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