Free Dating Websites (any suggestions??)

I'm already a part of:

OkCupid (best site I've found so far)


Plenty of Fish

Can anyone suggest any more that would be good?


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  • Honestly stop looking - love or relationships or dates will find you!

    • Not really. If girls approached more maybe.

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    • Also I agree with snackeyg. I have never seen it where a girl will make the first move... NEVER.

    • well just get up the confidence to ask someone you like out - if she says no move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea not the site - this is the term that has been used throughout ages!

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  • The Real World. Have fun.


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  • I think that's really all their is. Unless you try craigslist. lol

    • My friend tried that before and some 70 year old with a mustache showed up

    • That's why I said lol. It's pretty risky on craigslist.

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