When a guy admits he has a girlfriend, do you keep talking to him or do you turn away?

Last week, I ran into a guy at two different places during the day- call it coincidence or fate? The first time we seen each other was at the gym, the next time was at the bar- at the bar, we started to talk and ended up having a couple drinks together, and he invited my friend and I over for a little bit, but communication fell through and we ended up losing sight of him by the end of the night.

Because I felt we hit it off, I showed up with my friend at one of his hockey games to find out what happened that night and why we never hung out. Not only that, but I ended up getting his number- to which he said for me to text him when I wanted to hang out with him.

We have been talking through text message ever since, flirting sometimes and mainly just talking, but I was making it clear I was interested in him. He sometimes used pet names like "babe" when we were talking.

And now? He's just admitted to me that he has a girlfriend. So what should I do? Should I keep talking to him, stay friends, and cut out the flirting completely? Or should I delete his number and ignore his text messages from now on? What do you think his motives are and what's the best option for me in an awkward situation such as this? Because I would like to be friends with him, but I don't want things to develop and I don't want to be "that other girl".


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  • He sounds like a tricky little fella !

    I always think of it like this ... what makes me think he isn't going to turn around and do the EXACT SAME THING TO ME ?

    That is something you have to ask yourself.

    However MORALLY ...

    It's not right.

    I come from a family of divorce, so I refuse to even be put in that situation of wondering.

    There are so many other guys out there !


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  • Delete his number and replace it with mine :D

  • just deleate his number and forget it


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  • Its not worth it, I'd just stop talking to him