I don't get this at all?

Guy I dated for almost a year, and haven't seen in a year, his girlfriend's keep adding me on facebook? First off he had dated this one bitch, cheated on me with her, and after we broke up which was like six months later he went back to her, I'm guessing as rebound because that sure as hell didn't last long. (And yes I know it was stupid to go back to him but I was young, and he was my first love.) Then he starts dating this other chick. But question is why would a exes gf's keep adding me? I haven't seen him since we broke up. But I'm good friends with his friends. Which "our" friend Mark had told me that he was at a party she was there, and he was talking about me, to a guy that wanted to date me, and she got all mad. Why? She has him I don't, so what's the point in getting jealous?


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  • I'm not sure, but how about just messaging her? I'm going to assume your profile is set to private, so she can't see everything that goes on in your life and be snoopy about it. Ask her, "I'm sorry if I seem awkward about this, but I just find it peculiar that my ex's girlfriend would add me on facebook... may I ask why? Did you have a question or something?" Then you put the ball back on her court. She could have something to ask or say, or she could just be dumb, either way, she'll have to respond, if she doesn't respond, and continues to attempt to add you, then block her. It's no longer your problem... rather, her problem. If she talks to you and such, and find no reason to be "hostile" then you might add her or something, otherwise, do like I do sometimes, and just leave friend request there, neither accepting or denying.

    • Turns out they broke up and that's why she added me. Bad thing is, I have a boyfriend and he's been asking me for number.. But at least now I know why she added me.

    • Ah, well that makes sense. And I wouldn't see it as a bad thing. Sounds like a good thing, because now he's missing out and he's at the short end of the stick. LAUGH AT HIM! Like a super villain. (try it your room by yourself, it feels good.) :D

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  • smells like a trap. facebook and MySpace are tools of the devil. they do more harm than good. lol. they are probably adding you so they can look around your page to see if she can "catch" you sending that guy shady comments. or maybe she can catch your other friends talking about you and him. you should know that some guys and girls are territorial about their boyfriend/girlfriend and anything that concerns them, concerns the people themselves. so ya, I would look at it as her keeping tabs on you while she can send you pictures of her and they guy and pretend not to be rubbing it in your face.


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  • its cause she is yes, jealous, insecure, and befriending you on fb is the easiest way to see if this ex of yours (who has a history of cheating) is trying to be with you again or not... so those girls always befriend the guys friends- female friends. Either if they are exes, friends, sisters, cousins... any females, she will befriend to make herself feel better. To have people on her side. Its like that one saying, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer". Well I hope this cleared somethings up. But way to go about it is, just ignore. And if you happened you see her and she is OVERLY friendly, keep it casual and move on to talking to someone else. Good luck! I hope this helps :)