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Looking to ask girl out. need help?

so I have this one of a kind coworker, she's kind, smart and a has winning smile... she's literally perfect but she's older than me by a few years (I'm 20, she's like 23-24... I think)... we kinda started working together on a project a few weeks ago and really kinda got to know each other... then the other day we started joking a lot, laughing, I even got the playful punch on the shoulder... so my questions are was that technically flirting and if so, how would you suggest I go about asking her out (how would you want the situation handled personally?)? my pops said to just ask her out as a friend to hang out and get to know her better, then later actually ask her to go steady... but is that how you would want to be asked? should I be direct right off the bat or? (in all honesty, being the perfect woman in my eyes, I'm thinking really long term, so no sex related answers please)
Looking to ask girl out. need help?
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